stamps scholars

The United States Military Academy has been educating, training, and inspiring leaders of character for our United States Army and for the nation for more than 200 years. West Point provides a 47-month leader-development program steeped in academic rigor, military discipline, and physical challenges, all built upon a moral-ethical foundation. The academy is an internationally recognized institution for academic, military and physical excellence, and we are proud that today’s cadets will become tomorrow’s military, public and private-sector leaders.

West Point’s purpose is to produce leaders of character who are prepared to provide selfless service to our Army and the nation. West Point provides a broad-based and balanced curriculum to ensure graduates acquire knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary for them to effectively address the complex and uncertain challenges they will face in their personal and professional lives.

The West Point Association of Graduates is pleased to partner with the Stamps Scholars Program to offer experiential learning opportunities that enhance cadets’ education and leadership development. The Stamps Scholarship provides West Point’s highest performing cadets the chance to participate in out-of-classroom experiences such as internships, travel abroad, and conferences, all of which will refine cadets’ leadership skills in both military and civilian settings and equip them with the intellectual tools and experiences needed to become the military’s—and the country’s—future leaders.

For more information, please visit the West Point website here.