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the stamps scholars program

The Stamps Scholars Program was founded by E. Roe Stamps and his late wife Penny in 2006, with the purpose of enabling extraordinary educational experiences for extraordinary students. Through partnerships with institutions across the nation (and into the U.K.), Scholars receive annual awards that range from $6,000 to $90,000 (four-year awards total an average of $24,000-$360,000) with additional funds for enrichment activities such as study abroad, academic conferences, and leadership training. The Stamps Scholars Program and partner schools evenly share the costs of the awards.

how to apply

If you are interested in being considered for a Stamps Scholarship, please contact one (or more) of our partner schools directly. Scholarships are awarded by the partner schools, not by the Foundation. Scholarship terms vary, so please check with the schools in which you are interested for more details on how to apply and what the benefits of the award are at that college or university. 

partner schools

Barry University

University of Arizona

Queens' College




College of William and Mary

Dartmouth College

Elizabethtown College

University of Miami

UVA, Darden

Mercer University

Oberlin College

Purdue University

Ohio State

Tulane University

US Air Force Academy

West Point

Naval Academy

Univ. of Chicago


Univ. of Florida

Univ. of Georgia

Univ. of Illinois

Univ. of Michigan

Ole Miss

University of Missouri

Notre Dame

Univ. of Oregon

Univ. of Pittsburgh

Univ. of South Carolina

UT Austin

Virginia Tech

Wake Forest

Boston College

Northeastern Univerity

There are 36 Stamps Scholar partner schools across the US and into the UK.