Stamps Scholars

There are more than 1100 Stamps Scholar alumni living and working throughout the US and around the world.

Featured alumni

  • “Whether it’s a quick news item or a film review, everything I am allowed to write is a gift and I couldn’t be luckier to do what I do.”
    Ali Foreman '17
    Georgia Tech
  • “The main thing the Stamps Scholarship has done is give me the freedom to explore opportunities even when they don’t seem possible. The Stamps Scholarship allowed me to pick my own pace and always embrace any opportunity that arose.”
    Christopher Bambic '18
    University of Maryland
  • “Through the Stamps Conventions and playing music with other Stamps Scholars, I learned how to network. I learned how to be a professional person, as well as a professional musician. The Stamps Scholarship gave me a much expanded worldview that I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”
    Cody Halquist '14
    University of Michigan
  • “I’ve loved theater since I was a child, so the decision to be involved came naturally to me.”
    Mimi Wang
    Washington University
  • “I want to work for a technology company where I feel like I’m making a difference in the world, having an impact as well as being in the right type of environment with people who are pushing me to challenge myself.”
    Wesley Kelly
    University of Chicago
  • “Growing up and even in high school and college and right now, I’ve always done volunteer work and activities with kids and found it to be really rewarding.”
    Nicole Hadler
    Naval Academy
  • “I’ve always loved a challenge, whether it be hiking the steps at Machu Picchu or learning an obscene amount of material to become a doctor. I want to be challenged to rise to the occasion to see what I can do and how far I can go.”
    Nik Kaufman
    University of Florida
  • “It’s no secret that being a musician is not always the most lucrative profession, but the support from the Stamps Foundation allowed me to focus on hustling and going after my goals without having to worry about paying off student loans.”
    Evan Zavada
    University of Michigan